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*How Am I Showing My Thanks to God for Allowing Me to Lose All of That Weight?
*Does My Losing the Weight Mean My Faith Is Stronger Than Yours?
*I Have Shed Many Tears because of My Overeating Through the Years
*Do I Want Short Term or Long Term Pleasure? That's the Question!
*A Sarcastic Reply Isn't What God Wants of Me
*Embarrassed Because I Don't Know Enough, but Comment Any Way
*Do You Believe That God Can Rid You of the Desire to Overeat?
*There Was a Time I Would Have Eaten Over This, but Just Feel Empty
*He Couldn't Get Out of There Fast Enough!
*Falling Into the Same Pattern Again After All These Years
*Sugar Snuck Up On Me and Had Me by the Throat
*God Evened Out the Playing Field
*Am I Sharing Food the Way that God Would Want?
*God Used Negative Experiences to Work a Miracle in My Life
*Is Losing All That Weight Really Worth It?
*Eating a Sandwich After the Mayo Side of the Bread Was Stuck to the Floor
*Jesus Takes a Stand Even When Society Turns a Blind Eye
*Do We Convy that, We As Christians, Know More Than We Do?
*Wearing Thin Clothes in Public and Not Hiding Behind My Baggy Clothes
*What Do Popeye and the Apostle Paul Have in Common?
*We Should Not be Fearful, but Fear the Lord
*When Others Are Cranky, am I Looking in a Mirror?
*What's Best, Praying First, or Opening Mouth and Inserting Foot?
*God's There for Me Even When I'm Not There for Myself
*It Isn't Easy Being a Christian When It's Hot!
*How Much Would I Be Willing to Put Up With?
*So What Does This Passage Have to Do with Overeating?
*All I Need to Do Is Ask for It and God Gives It Freely
*Muddling Through the Fog, but Toward the Light
*Experiencing God's Love for Me, First Hand
*It's Funny That I Can Love Others, but Not Love Myself
*I Hate to Admit, I Used to Be Ashamed to Admit My Faith
*You Would Think That Salvation Would Be More Complicated, but It Isn't
*What Does This Passage Mean to Someone Who Is Overweight?
*Do You Ever Look Down on Someone Who Is Heavier Than You Are?
*Have You Ever Hated Someone So Much That They Made You Sick to Your Stomach?
*If You've Made a Poor Eating Choice, You Can Still Throw the Rest of It Away
*When I See the Hanging Skin on My Arms, I Feel Truly Blessed
*Dragging Through the Day, the Sugar I Had Eaten Made Me Weak
*When I Look in the Mirror, I See a Gimme, Gimme Christian
*The Lemon Meringue Pie Was Calling Me
*What Was I Thinking When I Skipped Lunch?
*If Christ Has Already Forgiven Me, Why Do I Find It So Difficult to Forgive Myself?
*Being a Christian Even When Others Aren't Nice in Return
*Having Obsessed Over Food,This Passage Puts Me in My Place
*I Want to Be the One to Comfort Others, but I'm Not
*Does Your Faith in Christ Promise You a Thin Body?
*Standing Fast in the Lord Rather Than Fantasizing Over What I'm Going to Eat Next
*You Make Me Want to Be a Better Person, God
*Fortunately for Me, God is Forgetful but Am I?
*Worried About Not Being Able to Afford Food For My Family
*Don't Let Your Sagging Self Esteem Pull You Down!
*Am I Getting the Cold Shoulder or Is God Just Asking Me to Wait?
*If It Weren't for My Fat, I Might Have Been Led Astray
*I'm In a Holding Pattern and Want Those Extra Pounds Off of Me!
*Sometimes I Backslide and Think I've Lost My Way
*How to Beat the Addiction to Sugar and Unhealthy Foods
*Is My Stubbornness With My Husband Indicative of My Relationship With Christ?
*What Good Is It to Be Thin If You Lose Your Salvation in the Process?
*We Have to Be Careful About Using the "F" Word Around Children...
*Meaningless Words That Cut to the Core
*I Didn't Do Anything to Deserve These Blessings
*Statements That Bring Out the Little Child in Me
*I Don't Have to Find Fault in Others in Order to Feel Better About Myself
*Their Opinions of Me Had Been Important to Me for So Long...
*Making Sure My Head Is Screwed on Straight...
*What Does God's Grace Have to Do With Buffets?
*Trying to Micro Manage God Through My Prayers...
*When I Turned My Control Over to God, My Life, My Weight, and My Relationships Started to Change
*Things Creep Up On Me and I Revert Back to My Old Overeating Ways
*Do I Really Want to Be Healed From My Overeating???
*Human Standards of Physical Perfection...
*Spreading Myself Too Thinly Between All My Obligations
*Are My Computer, iPad, Tablet, and Social Media False gods?
*Getting That Exhilarating Bargain Hunter High
*The Bible Passage I Hate to Read Because It's So Much Like Me
*Why Am I Writing About South Korea in a Christian Overeating Blog
*Life Would Be Perfect When I Lost All the Weight
*If It's In a Children's Book, It Can't Be Too Bad???
*Should I Let Others Take My Enjoyment Away?
*My Worth Is By God's Standards-Not Mine!
*Afraid I Might Become Too I-Me Focused...
*I Hungered After Food, but I Was Never Filled...


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